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Re: pleasant surprise

Re: pleasant surprise

Hey friend,

Have you heard the latest news? It's going to be a pleasant surprise for you, just take a look http://extra.itaykashti.com

Yours truly, w_vision777

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Subject: Cool story, bro.

It should automatically apply, as it's a promotion that only applies to certain video games and video game accessories. When I ordered one for a friend, it listed a shipping of $5.99 followed by a discount of $5.99, and when I finished the checkout it listed the economy shipping as free. If it doesn't apply, I'm sure you could chat with an employee or something and they'd be able to ensure it applies properly.

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Fw: that's something interesting

Fw: that's something interesting

Hi friend!

Here are some interesting facts that may be useful for you, I think this information could be helpful, read it here http://match.lyingprophet.com

Warmly, w_vision777

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☢what a pleasant surprise

☢what a pleasant surprise


I just wanted to show you what a great surprise my friends made me recently. Just take a look http://frame.williamtara.com

Sincerely yours, w_vision777

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Subject: Congrats! Looks great!

Surely some have. But not just to the image itself. The idea of a single, desperate girl that looks like this getting drunk on New Years Eve. The photo is a conversation starter that is definitely going to begin with telling her that she is way too hot to be single. Given the number of people that have seen this, I bet there have been quite a few spank banks deposits.

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